ISO 17799 Toolkit

ISO 27000
Both parts of the standard
Aligned Security Policies
A full set of ISO 27002 aligned information security policies
ISO27000 Presentation
A management presentation in PowerPoint format
Business Continuity
A Disaster Recovery Planning Kit
(ref: ISO 27002 section 11)
Certification Roadmap
A road map for certification.
System Audit
A detailed audit kit (checklists, etc) for a modern network system (section 12)
Glossary of Terms
A comprehensive glossary of information security & computing terms.
Impact Analysis
A business impact analysis questionnaire.

The ISO 27000 Toolkit

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ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 Management Presentation

The MS-PowerPoint management presentation comprises a series of foils explaining the history and background of the standard, from BS7799, through ISO 17799 and to the current ISO 27000 numbered versions.

It also discusses the general position, and the risks of not addressing it.

ISO 27002 ISO 27001 and BS7799 Presentation



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